Goodness of Albumen in a tub – Skinfood Egg White Pore Mask!

Hello all, Welcome to my blog. K-beauty bug bit me a while back and I love their innovative skincare products. Their packaging is super cute and the ingredients they use are unique and effective. Does…

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Review : Organique Aloe Argan Hair Serum

Hello all, Welcome to my blog. The latest addition to my hair care routine is the newly launched Aloe Argan hair serum from Organique. Hair serums have gained popularity lately as they work like a…

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Review : Organique Aloe Gel and Papaya & Aloe Gel

Hello all, Welcome to my blog. Organique is one of my favorite organic skincare brands and they’ve expanded their skin care and hair care range. I’ve been using their Aloe Gel and Papaya & aloe…

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Skin & Hair Care with Nature’s Absolutes Lavender Water

Hello all, Welcome to my blog. Summer has started in India and it is definitely more hot than the previous years. Just in the middle of the sunny day, sometimes all I want to do…

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Healthy, Clean & Confident life ft. LB Industries

Hello all, Welcome to my blog. This post is all about the products I received from LB Industries which have made my life easier and healthier. I received RAY cooking spray of sunflower oil, RAY…

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Review – TVAKH Face Masque with Sandalwood & Turmeric

Hi all, Hope you are all doing well. Summer is not so far away and the climate is starting to feel warmer, isn’t? That calls for excessive sweating which results in rashes and also the…

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